Egg Samosa Recipe

Monsoon is a time when people like to munch on deep fried snacks. Of all types of snacks, samosa is an all time favourite that you can enjoy in any season. Traditionally, this snack recipe is prepared using samosa sheets (made with all purpose flour, carom seeds and a little salt) and a filling of potatoes and authentic Indian spices. Over the years, there have been several innovations in the Indian cooking style and a lot of other ingredients are being used to make creative dishes. Egg Samosa is one such creative samosa recipe and is made using all purpose flour, baking powder, onions, green chillies, onion seeds, eggs and potato along with salt. This easy snack recipe is ideal for occasions like kitty parties and anniversaries or can be served as an evening snack. Since both eggs and potatoes require very little cooking time, it is the best thing you can make when sudden guests drop by. Filling and scrumptious, these samosas are the best thing to have on a rainy day when you want to curl up in that favourite place of yours with a cup of tea and the book that you always wanted to read! So don’t miss out on trying out this quick and easy recipe.