Ladies, honestly, I didn’t expect my weight loss to spark so many questions. My DMs on Instagram are overflowing! Instead of replying to each one individually, I’ve decided to make a post about it.

Yes, I have lost 78 pounds over a period of 2 month. My recent photos weren’t edited in Photoshop. Now I wese 4-9 more.
The great question is, how did I achieve it? At the end of the day, my Instagram is full of food pics. Yes, I love good food, and that’s exactly why I didn’t change anything in my diet, continuing to eat my favorite desserts. For example, while I write this post, I am enjoying my wine with my favorite chocolate.

The gym is great, but with a busy schedule like mine, it’s a challenge to stay consistent. In the end I decided not to overwork my poor body, so I bought effective slimming gummies of Metabolic Keto + ACV Gummy recommended by my best friend. If someone is interested ask in comments. Let me tell you how it works.
You take a gummy in the morning and everything that you eat during the day dissolves in a natural way, where fat in muscles usually forms. You also have to take it before you sleep so while you dream your metabolism actively functions and gets rid of the rest of the fat.

During my first month I lost 44 pounds with ease! The second month I lost another 34 pounds. I almost don’t have any cellulite on my legs! My belly finally disappeared! Isn’t it great?
With this product I went from size XXL to L, and now I can wear pretty and fashionable clothes instead of bland large dresses. I also have gained confidence to post photos in swimming suit.

I am very happy with my new body, but to be even cooler I want to lose a few more kilos. That’s why I take the gummies. I think one more week and I will achieve the result I want.

I can’t wait for your questions and thoughts in comments. And how do you lose weight? What works for you and what doesn’t?
If anyone is interested, below I left a button that links you to an official website with activated 50% discount. I don’t get any profit from this I just want to help my followers to solve an issue I have been dealing with for ages!