Harbour City

The veritable and stupendous Harbour City, the largest shopping centre in Hong Kong, is located in the heart of the city near Victoria Harbour. Divided into 5 color-coded sections/zones, it has a mind-boggling selection of over 450 stores and 70 restaurants among other attractions like an observation deck, 3 prestigious hotels, 2 cinemas, and an art gallery while also being an ocean terminal. Harbour City is the quintessential stop for shopaholics and non-shopaholics alike.

From a host of products like luxury fashion goods, traditional Chinese crafts, beauty items, sports and electronic articles to a large variety of exotic cuisines, the all-in-one-mall, is often touted as one of Hong Kong’s best premiere shopping destination. Harbour City is one of the few places that lives up to the hype by being a┬ásanctuary for shoppers, haven for foodies and a complete package for family travelers.