Peanut Masala Recipe

peanut masala recipe | masala groundnut | besan masala peanuts with detailed photo and video recipe. crisp and tasty besan or chickpea flour coated masala groundnuts, served ideally as tea time snack or starters. basically the recipe is a haldiram style spicy masala peanuts which can be easily a favourite snack for kids and adults. it takes hardly few minutes to prepare and can be stored for weeks in an air tight container. as i previously mentioned, there are numerous recipes and dish prepared using peanut or groundnut, either used as a main ingredient or as a supporting ingredient. having said that, peanut masala is a simple snack prepared with peanut as the main ingredient. in other words, groundnut is coated with spiced chickpea, rice flour and corn flour coating which is later deep fried till it holds the crisp shape. i personally like this way of preparing masala groundnut, but there are other ways as well preparing it. the other popular way is to serve peanuts with onion and tomatoes topped with spice powder and lemon juice. it is also known as raja masala or raja special or masala kadlekayi. it is popular in karnataka and it is mainly served in restaurants as starters or appetisers. but this post mainly deals with coated masala.