Tai Mo Shan

Extending to a mind-boggling height of 957 metres, Tai Mo Shan is not only the highest peak in Hong Kong but also the second tallest coastal peak in all of China standing secondary to Mount Lao. Locally referred to as the Guang Fu Mountain, Tai Mo Shan is located in the New Territories locality of Hong Kong and has the Tai Mo Shan Country Park running along its perimeter. The peak extends from Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan in the east to Clear Water Bay in the south. The peak is frequently cloud-covered and is visible from several spots in the city.

The 35-metre high Long Falls, accommodated on the foot of Tai Mo Shan, happens to be the highest waterfall in all of Hong Kong. Tai Mo Shan is an extinct volcano dating all the way back to the Jurassic period. The Kwun Yam Shan, a small mountain nearing the peak to date vents warm air through its crevices known as “hot pots”. Aside from being the highest point in the city, this peak is also the wettest part of Hong Kong, receiving an average of 3000 millimetres of rainfall a year. Despite its humongous elevation, it is actually possible to trail Tai Mo Shan on foot. The hike isn’t the easiest one but as one can expect, the summit of the mountain provides marvellous panoramic views of the city.